Dr. Mandy Bennett

Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Department: Natural Science


I have been teaching since 1995 and it’s very fulfilling. I juggled a variety of adjunct positions whist bringing up my children and then full time starting in 2013. Started my own research 2015. My team from the chemistry society won an award at the Chemistry Expo in 2015. I was a co-author for a complete forensics degree program.

I am very happy to be here at Paul Smith’s as caring for the environment is a passion of mine. I have been converting the organic labs that I teach to green chemistry and the students enjoy that. We fell in love with the area on an ice skating training trip for my daughter. She has been able to train more since moving here and is the 2019 Junior World Champion for Figure and Fancy Skating.

Academic Background

BSc.2(1) with Hons in chemistry from Chelsea College, University of London, UK
PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Nottingham University, Nottingham, UK
Thesis: “Converting Allenes to Butenolides”

Courses Taught

General Chemistry I & II
Organic Chemistry I & II
Modern Techniques
Chemistry for Nurses
Jazz in Chemistry
Kinetics and Mechanisms
Science Technology in the Modern World
Biology 101

Research Project

Search for novel biologically active compounds and environmental analysis of the kidneys and livers of long birds with significant longevity.

Teaching Experience

Ivy League
State University
Community College


Contact ยป

Freer Science Hall, Room 215