Dr. Ross R. Conover

"Embrace your DIScomfort zone"

Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology

Year Started at Paul Smith’s:  2015
Department: Natural Sciences
Program: Fisheries & Wildlife Science


Now that I’m here, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  With a lifelong passion for the great outdoors, I’ve never experienced a community that makes me feel more at home than Paul Smith’s College.  My career endeavors have focused on understanding how nature functions, protecting Earth’s natural resources, and helping others understand how nature functions so they are more effective at protecting Earth’s natural resources.  My research interests revolve around applied ecology with an emphasis on avian ecology and behavior, reproduction biology, conservation biology and restoration ecology.  My current scientific research endeavors include bird window collisions, life-history tradeoffs in high elevation songbirds, and the indirect effects of domestic cats on nesting songbirds.

Interests & Activities

Fortunately, there is much overlap between my professional and nonprofessional lives.  My “nonprofessional” life has been inundated with a plethora of backpacking excursions, canoe/kayak trips, nature-based travel, cross-country skiing, sustainably foraging for wild edibles, snowshoeing, endless naturalizing and hobbies such as vermicomposting, raising runner ducks, and home-brewing. In addition, periods of my life have been partially dominated with fishing, disc golf (check out the new PSC disc golf course, The BarkEater, baseball, football, wiffleball and most anything else that involves competition.

Academic Background

2009 PhD Animal Ecology, Iowa State University
2005 MS Biology, Mississippi State University
2000 BS Wildlife Biology, Unity College

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(518) 327-6344