Pipeline Partners Program


Build your workforce pipeline and put an end to nonstop employee turnover.

Students & Families

Choose the college-to-career pathway that’s best for you.

High Schools

Help your students become successful – in college and beyond.

Business executives and career-oriented students share a mutual goal:  to be a part of thriving industry success. All too often, the education, experience, and networking opportunities to achieve this goal can be elusive. 


The Pipeline Partners Program is a unique college-to-career pathway that brings top employers together with the best and brightest students. Through a collaborative partnership, employers in a variety of industries work directly with high schools and Paul Smith's College to build an educated, talented workforce and help ambitious students realize their career aspirations.

  • Employer/scholarship donor. Employer partners join the partnership for a longer-term way to stop getting crunched between decreasing pool of talent and increasing economic demand for workforce. These employers are experiencing the widespread turnover of today’s economic boom and they are looking for a longer-term solution.
  • High school(s). High School partners join the partnership to provide guidance and a clear, connected career path along with a great financial package for their students.
  • Paul Smith’s College. Paul Smith’s College coordinates the partnership which serves its mission to educate students and provide each student with a highly experiential education that provides a seamless transition to their career.

To learn more, please explore this site or contact Judy McCoy at the Paul Smith’s College office of Corporate Relations and Workforce Development.