Virtual Tour – Forestry Cabin

Overlooking Lower St. Regis from the southeast corner of campus is the Forestry Cabin, a classically Adirondack structure built by Paul Smith’s College students and faculty. Home of the Forestry Club and everything-Woodsmen’s, the log cabin and surrounding land is a lumberjack or jill’s dream. The centerpiece of the main room is a massive two-sided fireplace, built using stone from the original resort hotel and surrounded by high ceiling beams and overhead canoes.

Just down the hill from the cabin is the newly constructed Woodsmen’s Arena, where the college’s Woodmen’s Team chops, saws, throws and climbs its way to wins. During the summer the site is home to the for-credit Adirondack Woodsmen’s School, an opportunity to learn the ways of a competitive lumberjack and channel your inner Paul Bunyan.

Virtual Open House Trivia Quiz

Quiz 2020 - Forestry Cabin
What is suspended from the ceiling in the Forestry Cabin?

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