NYC Trip

Do you love the excitement, history, and culture of New York City? Maybe you’ve never even been there, but would like to check it out? Well, the PSC Outing Program is leading an NYC adventure and overnight. We will be leaving campus on Saturday, November 14th, and returning on Sunday, November 15th!  The two-day tour will include transportation, lodging, new friends , and an exclusive tour of Central Park, with a former Central Park Ranger.  We also plan on visiting the American Museum of  Natural History and Times Square. The night will be spent at a nice hostel. We need a minimum of eight participants (we already have five) but can take up to 22! The cost of the trip is $100 (cheaper than a round trip bus ticket), and that’s due by October 12th in order to reserve a spot. For more information or to get a registration form, email or


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to join the Outing Program to go on trips?

A: No, you are welcome to come on any number of adventures.

Q: Who can go on trips?

A: Anyone that is part of the Paul Smith’s campus community, both students and employees.

Q: How do I find out about what trips are happening?

A:The best way to find up-to-date trip information is to check out the Paul Smith’s College Outing Program Facebook page.



Lake Placid Brewfest

Trip: Lake Placid Brewfest, 2015

Trip Type: Event

Date: October 10, 2015

Smitty Participants: Nate Swain, TJ Johnston, Lizzie Savoie, Jake Cassidy, David Haenel, Jon Stetler.


On Saturday, October 10, 2015, several of us attended the Lake Placid Brewfest at the Lake Placid Olympic Center. The festival was held at the 1932 Olympic ice rink, and included over 60 breweries from around the country.

I arrived in Lake Placid with Lizzie, Jake, David, and Jon at around 12:30. We (amazingly) found parking in the packed town, and decided to venture around the town before 2:00, when we would be allowed to enter. We somehow found ourselves at the Goose Watch Winery, where we all took part in a wine tasting. We enjoyed many good wines there, and finished up almost exactly at 2:00, then made our way to the Olympic Center.

The line had apparently been forming for a few minutes already, and we met TJ and his parents standing just outside the door. However, because we had all purchased VIP tickets, there were not nearly as many people waiting as there would be later in the day, and we moved through quickly. We were handed our tokens, which we would need to exchange for each sample, as well as a tasting glass and a special gift we received for being VIPs: a set of wooden coasters engraved with the Lake Placid Brewfest logo.

Upon entering, our eyes were treated to the sight of countless booths with bottles, kegs, and taps ready to release a flow of beautiful, bubbly brew. Along with the beer producers, there were several cider houses represented, as well. We made our way around the loop several times, tasting a few samples, and eventually claimed a table for our group.

A few minutes after 3:00, when the general admission began, the room was suddenly packed with people. We were glad we had claimed a table, as space was soon at a premium. The band hired for the event, The Baked Potatoes, soon began playing their reggae-style rock music, which matched perfectly with the buzzing atmosphere.

The day carried on and we all sampled a large number of beverages. My personal favorite was actually a cranberry hard cider from Down East Cider House in Massachusetts, though the Double Coffee Stout from Common Roots Brewery of South Glens Falls, NY, was a close competitor.

My sampling time ended a little earlier than everyone else’s, because I was one of the drivers, so about 5:30 PM I started sipping water rather than beer. Everyone else was able to continue until 7:00, at which point we all walked to Smoke Signals, a barbecue restaurant in downtown Lake Placid, for a dinner with the gang.

Overall, a great afternoon. Good beer, good food, good people!






30, and a band!

Paul Smith’s College students Zachary Weber and Alex Cote, and PSC Alum Connor Cincotta, harvested 30 geese and a band on the morning of September 24th. Zach had found the corn field the day before. Bands are used to track birds through the migration.  The banded bird had been caught as a young chick, and then released.  This particular bird was banded in 2011 in Quebec!  To harvest a banded bird is basically the equivalent of getting a big buck.

Black Bear

Gunnar Herbert is a freshman from Centerport, Long Island, NY. He is studying ecological forest management. He reports harvesting this 215-pound black bear on the third day of early season. I got the bear “not too far from campus, about 10 miles west of here,” he said. “After sitting for only 15 minutes and falling asleep, Christian Wolf elbowed me and woke me up, and told me not to move, because there was a bear 20 yards behind us. It started moving away and Christian had no shot so he told me to shoot it, at about 60 yards I pulled the trigger and the bear died in eight yards. It was a three-hour drag out of the woods.”

Big Buck

The buck was harvested by Senior Alex Cote on October 1st, in the evening, in the town of Santa Clara. Alex is from Concord, NH and studies Forestry Operations.