How to Become a Leader

The Paul Smith’s College Outing Program is focused on the following mission:

Get the whole Paul Smith’s campus involved
Provide enjoyable experiences
Provide a place for friendships to be built
Inspire healthy living
Have experiences accessible to all abilities
Allow for leadership opportunities
Maintain an excellent safety record

We’d love to have you as a part of our team! Not only will you be helping your fellow students explore and learn but you will also be building up solid resume credentials with real-life leadership experience. There are no physical or experience requirements to be a leader- just an enthusiasm for helping others and sound judgment skills.

How to get started: Start coming on trips (if you haven’t already). There are three levels of leadership you can strive for:

  1. Leader in training- attends trips, wants to lead in the future.
  2. Co-leader– certified in Wilderness First Aid, has been on good number of trips. May have additional certifications. Assists the head leader on trips.
  3. Head leader– Wilderness First Responder certified as a minimum. Preferably has CPR and additional certifications. Head leaders can get paid to lead trips.

If possible, work on getting van driving certification as well. After you have complete the WFA certification we will pay half of the cost for WFR certification under the condition that you lead trips for us for one year.  After that year you will be eligible to get paid.

Contact Kirsten Domas at for more info or to get started today!