Misc. Facilities

Some additional spaces exist in the Saunders Complex to be used for various purposes. These include:

Athletes loungeРThis gathering area has couches, large table, and small kitchenette that includes a microwave and refrigerator. There is also a projector, screen, computer, & DVD/VHS player. Students and visitors are encouraged to use this space for work or relaxation.

Third floor classroom– seating for thirty with a projector, screen, computer, & DVD/VHS player. This room can be found by entering Saunders and taking the stairs on the left. Straight through the door at the top of the stairs leads to another flight. The classroom is located at the top of this second set of stairs.

Music room– While music is the primary focus of this room it can also be used for group gatherings. It is located in the downstairs of the Buxton Annex.

Wrestling area– On the ground floor of the the Buxton Annex is an open space with various fitness equipment including a punching bag, wrestling mats, two Nordic tracks, and a pull-up bar. A speed bag is located in the hallway between Buxton & Saunders.