I earned my degree in Forestry in 2014 but I learned just as much outside of the classroom as I did inside. My experience at Paul Smith’s has shaped my current lifestyle and outlook on life immensely. I have since become the coach of the canoe team there and teaching students to love the sport that makes me who I am brings me joy every day.

The beginning of my love of paddling started during the Spring semester freshman year (2011). An e-mail went out asking new paddlers to join the PSC Marathon Canoe Team. I didn’t have a whole lot of experience but it sounded really interesting so I jumped on the opportunity. During our first practice I sat stern in a boat with Ben Jacques. Managing to stay in front of two veteran paddlers, we thought we were hot stuff. The 90-miler followed a few months later, and we finished dead last in the C-4 racing class- bumping us off of our high horses. Over the next few years, I worked hard to learn more and more about paddling, until it became more of a lifestyle than a sport. Ben and I had a few wins and a few podium appearances here and there, but in 2013 we came back with a vengeance to win the 90-miler. Since graduation, I have continued to paddle and set the bar higher for myself, always using the area around Saranac Lake as my personal training ground.

To learn more about Dylan’s unique love of winter paddling, check out his feature on the Visit Adirondacks blog, Area ADK here: http://visitadirondacks.com/area-adk/paddling-the-adirondacks-winter

Photo courtesy of Jordan Craig Media

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