Process for Requests/Approval of Full-Time Remote Learning:

Students may be granted permission to be completely remote for a portion of, or the entirety of, the spring semester. Students interested in this option must apply through the Center for Academic and Career Success (CACS) for permission. A committee will review all requests and come to a decision that best supports the academic success of the student.

Process Overview:

1) Student will fill out an online form which will indicate the following:

  1. a) Reason for request
  2. b) Time period for request
  3. c) Synchronous vs. Asynchronous class attendance
  4. d) Living on or off campus
  5. e) Quality of Connectivity & Technology
  6. f) Statement of responsibility

2) A committee (Dean of Students, Dept. Chair, Housing) will evaluate the request and approve or deny.

3) All approved students will be assigned to a CACS representative and will be required to maintain weekly or biweekly meetings with this representative for their period of remote learning.

4) If requested, Room and Board refunds will be evaluated separately from the academic approval process. Students may need to provide written documentation supporting their request, including written confirmation from a parent/legal guardian confirming place of residence. Students that falsify records may be held liable for room and board charges for the spring term.

5) If approved, room & board refunds will be calculated on the day the student is granted approval. Students receiving room and board refunds may be subject to financial aid recalculations and adjustments. All questions regarding room and board or tuition refunds should be directed to Student Accounts.  Students approved after the start of classes will be credited as follows:

  • Approval during first 3 days = 100%
  • Approval during first or second week = 75%
  • Approval during third or fourth week = 50%
  • Approval during fifth week = 25%
  • Approval after fifth week = 0%