Student Health Services



Health Services is here to support you during this uncertain time.

Please contact our office if the you have any other questions than the frequently asked one’s below.

– Abby & Bella
I have medications prescribed through Health Services; how do I get a refill?

Please call the pharmacy which handled your original prescription, either Kinney Drugs or Walgreens in Saranac Lake. A pharmacist will be able to send any remaining refills to your pharmacy of choice. If you no longer have refills available, please contact the office.  Please note that if your medication is a controlled substance, we are asking that you contact your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for this. We are unable to send controlled substances to any other state than New York.

I had an upcoming appointment or reoccurring appointment. What will I do now?

Please contact Abby via email at  Abby will work with you to get an appointment set up with a provider local to you.

Will Health Services be able to advise via telehealth?

At this time Health Services is unable to advise via telehealth, but we are working on a solution.

I need my health records. How do I obtain them?

Please complete the Release of Information Consent Form either online via the Paul Smiths College Health Portal ( or the printable version here; consent form. Note that Abby & Bella are working from home; please remain patient with the timeliness in the dissemination of information.


Student Health Insurance Information

Student’s who have the Wellfleet student health insurance should review the packet below to see what support is being offered to students during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Think you have watched all the internet has to offer yet? Think again! Check out College Health TV’s videos below. New content is still being made, so you’ll never run out! 

General Inquiries
P: 518-327-6319 F: 518-327-6309