Immunizations Policy

Paul Smith’s College Student Health Services requires:

  • Proof of two doses of Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella vaccination or proof of immunity is required for attendance of a post-secondary institution. Per PHL Section 2165 (measles, mumps and rubella)
  • All registered students receive information about meningococcal disease and vaccination and indicate, via the Meningococcal Vaccination Response Form, that they have either received the vaccine or choose not to at this time. Per PHL Section 2167 (meningococcal disease)
  • Proof of Meningitis vaccination within 5 years of entry for all students residing on campus.
    • Student’s over the age of 21 AND living off campus do not need an up to date Meningitis Vaccination. However, they are still required to complete the Meningitis Response Form.
  • Proof of Tuberculosis PPD within 1 year prior to entry for all students.
  • Proof of Hepatitis A vaccination series for any student in a major that prepares or serves food or beverage or that involves travel.
    • Baking Arts and Pastry (Management)   BAKA/BASM
    • Culinary Arts (and Service Management) CULA/CASM
    • Hotel Resort and Tourism Management HRMT
    • Recreation, Adventure Education and Leisure Management RECR

*Proof of immunization is required by all students who are taking 6 or more credits (semester hour).

Exemptions for Immunizations:

Medical Exemption

If a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, or licensed midwife caring for a pregnant student certifies in writing that the student has a health condition which is a valid contraindication to receiving a specific vaccine, then a permanent or temporary (for resolvable conditions such as pregnancy) exemption may be granted. This statement must specify those immunizations which may be detrimental and the length of time they may be detrimental. Provisions need to be made to review records of temporarily exempted persons periodically to see if contraindications still exist. In the event of an outbreak, medically exempt individuals should be protected from exposure. This may include exclusion from classes or campus.

Religious Exemption

A student may be exempt from vaccination if, in the opinion of the institution, that student or student’s parent(s) or guardian of those less than 18 years old holds genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practice of immunization. The student requesting exemption may or may not be a member of an established religious organization. Requests for exemptions must be written and signed by the student if 18 years of age or older, or parent(s), or guardian if under the age of 18. The institution may require supporting documents. It is not required that a religious exemption statement be notarized. In the event of an outbreak, religious exempt individuals should be protected from exposure. This may include exclusion from classes or campus.

Recommended Immunizations:



Hepatitis B



Seasonal Influenza

Any vaccine administered at Paul Smith’s College Student Health Services will be charged to the student’s account under “Infirmary charge.” Upon request, students are provided with a receipt for insurance reimbursement. All prices are current as of Spring 2020.

PPD – Tuberculosis screening: Required and available at our clinic for $10.

Meningitis: This single shot is required for resident students; may require booster. Available at our clinic for $125.

Hepatitis A: This two-shot series is required for students in the following programs: recreation, adventure travel and ecotourism; culinary; baking; food and beverage; and hotel, resort and tourism management. Available at our clinic for $95.

Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis: This childhood series requires a booster every 10 years. The shot is recommended and available at the clinic for $45.

Seasonal Influenza: This single yearly shot is recommended. Please contact the clinic for availability.


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