Transportation for Medical Emergencies

Campus Safety, (518) 327-6300, will be called in the event of an on-campus emergency. They will be the first responder and liaison to either Student Health Services or an ambulance if necessary. It is important to note that students may refuse ambulance service. The fee is not covered by the college and will be billed to students or their insurance by the ambulance service. There is no transportation provided by Paul Smith’s College at this time. However, a personal vehicle may be used.

Ambulance services to Paul Smith’s College are provided by the Saranac Lake Volunteer Fire/Rescue Department. All transports via ambulance are to the Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake.

Please be aware that resources are limited in this small geographical area. Ambulance service should be used only for emergencies. All other health care concerns should be directed to Student Health Services during normal clinic hours.

If students feel they cannot safely get to Student Health Services, they may call Campus Safety for transportation. (Campus Safety will not transport students off campus.)

Significant injuries sustained on campus should be reported to Student Health Services as soon as possible to be evaluated and documented with an incident report. This includes students who are injured during a sporting event or practice.

Students are expected to arrange for their own transportation for any off-campus appointments, such as dental, doctor, physical therapy, optometrist or psychiatrist. Paul Smith’s College does not provide transportation at this time.


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