Earn 3 college credits in just 3 weeks!
Ideal for ages 16+

  • Discover one of the most bountiful, beautiful and beneficial fungal ecozones on the planet.
  • Engage in field-based exploration of Adirondack fungi to explore all dimensions of mycology:
    • Species identification in macro and micro-habitats
    • Fungal biodiversity in the region
    • Fungal ecology
    • Myco-taxonomy
    • Fungi reproduction and evolution
    • Mycophagy and the local food movement
  • Participate in field studies conducted in the northern and southern Adirondacks.
  • Take advantage of a comparative identification foray in the St. Lawrence or Lake Champlain Valley.

Course runs July 29 – August 16, 2019. Online preparatory work is required.
Program cost is $1,995 inclusive of all tuition, fees, room and board.


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