This Spring 2017 semester Campus Sustainability Fund Vote

“2017 Science Arts and Music Festival” a $2,000 proposal was overwhelmingly passed. 188 Students participated in the vote and over 95% of them were in favor of funding the proposal. This past year the Campus Sustainability Fund has been able to fund many great projects and programs and we are looking forward to Sam Fest on April 22nd.

Last semester (Fall 2016) there were four proposals over $500 that were sent to student vote: Solar Kiln ($22,650), Raised Beds for Gould’s Garden ($900), LED Lights ($15,384), and Certified Interpretive Guide Trainer for Environmental Communication ($7,300).  All of the proposals were passed by over 75% of the 239 responses that we got. There was also an under $500 proposal: Mushroom Growing Kits for the Culinary Arts Department. This proposal was passed as well.

Any under $500 Campus Sustainability Fund proposals can be submitted at any time throughout the semester, there is no deadline. This is because they do not have to be voted on by the student body, just a student committee. All proposals must meet certain criteria, though. You can find the Campus Sustainability Fund Applications at or outside the Center for Campus Sustainability office (Pickett 109).