The Raised Beds at Gould’s garden have been constructed and are ready to be used next spring. The raised beds will help with organization and weeds. They will be utilized by community members and campus community members. This was a CSF proposal last Fall 2016 for $900 and they were constructed by our Farm to Table Assistant, Andrew.

The Solar Kiln is being utilized by the forestry students and students in SAF. This solar kiln will reduce the schools need for an oil powered dry kiln, which has been used before now. It will also use less electricity, which reduces the cost of utilization. This was a CSF proposal last Fall 2016 for $22,650. To make this project more energy efficient, Associate Professor of Forestry, Patrick Hiesl would like to also add a solar panel and a wood boiler to make it usable longer.

The beekeeping club now has two more hives and equipment to maintain all of them. They also now have kits for most of the members that have suits, gloves, a bee brush, and a hive tool.  This was the result of a CSF proposal last Spring 2017 for $475, and this Fall 2017 for $1,837.70. The club has had great success thus far.

All of the lamps across campus have been updated to LED light bulbs. The LED bulbs have an extended life of 50,000 hours, which will save the college about 25,288.80 kWh annually. This will offset about .63% of the colleges overall electricity consumption. Each bulb will save $52.38 annually and the entire system will save $5,028.48 annually. This was from a CSF proposal last Fall 2016 for $15,384.