By Nicole DiStasio
I’m the Sustainable Dining Fellow for the Center for Sustainability. Meet Your Farmer Monday is an event hosted by the Center for Sustainability and Sodexo. A local Adirondack farmer will have a product from their farm featured in the dining hall during lunch. A representative from their farm will be available in the Student Center to answer your questions, talk about their farm, and network with you, the students.
This event will also strengthen the relationship between Paul Smith’s College and local farmers in the Adirondacks, hopefully bringing you more programming and opportunities in the future!
This event was originally scheduled for the spring of 2020; however, we couldn’t hold an event without students! So, we’ve rescheduled. There will be three of these events in the fall 2020 semester. North Country Creamery will be here October 19th during lunch. Tentatively, we will have Triple Green Jade Farm on November 16th and Moonstone Farm on September 28th. Dates and farms are subject to change. There will also be notices sent out by the Center for Sustainability email, Instagram, and Facebook pages.
           We’ve also decided to feature a different area farmer each week in our online newsletter this spring- Virtual Meet Your Farmer Monday will start next week with North Country Creamery!
           We look forward to seeing you during lunch this fall!