FedCo Vegetable Seed Sale and Fundraiser!

Paul Smith’s Center for Sustainability encourages you to get green: your thumb, that is, with the  Proceeds from the seed sale will be donated to ADK Action, a local non-profit organization dedicated to fighting food insecurity in the Park and bettering the community. Support a local food justice project, and grow your own delicious food in the process! 

Stop by the Center for Sustainability office (Student Center 101) and check out our Fedco seed rack of 55 different types of organic vegetable and some flower seeds for sale. Fedco is based in Maine and specializes in organic seeds that are well-adapted to the sometimes challenging growing climates in the Northeast. View their website www.fedcoseeds.com for more information and to place your own larger seed order. However, the FedCo seeds are of very high demand, so the rack is the easiest place to get them!  Also view the full list of seeds available in the rack here with Fedco Seed Sale Info Packet , with full descriptions and photos. Each packet is only $3, and all proceeds are donated to ADK Action Fair Food Pricing Program.

ADK Action is a local non-profit dedicated to many projects to help the Adirondacks, including the Fair Food Pricing program. With this, ADK Action works to lower the price of local small-scale family farm products that are much more sustainable, ethical, but often more expensive than the products from superstores and chain grocery markets.

Making local food more affordable for many Adirondack families.This helps not only those families, but also supports regional farmers and the local economy. The ADK Action website if you’d like to know more or to further contribute to this group that is dedicated to positive change within the Blue Line.  

Stop by room 101 in the Student Center for some organic Fedco seeds, fill your garden and table with this sustainable fundraiser, and benefit the community!