Barn-to-Table: Paul Smith’s College’s first on-campus PIGS!

From early June to November, the Center for Campus Sustainability and the students of the St. Regis Cafe have been raising pigs behind the horse barn. Black and Tan were two four legged additions to the area behind the horse barn. They spent an idyllic summer living behind the barn, eating the delectable food scraps from the St. Regis Restaurant and the Lakeside dining hall. Never as tame as the horses, one time they stampeded though the electric fence and were found rooting around Curt Stagers front yard.


Black and Tan were slaughtered last week at the Adirondack Meat Company in Ticonderoga NY. Chef Kevin McCarthy (seen above with culinary students) will be processing the 400 lbs of pork this Thursday and Friday with his students. Black and Tan may have touched many hearts of many students and been the celebrities of many Instagram posts and Snapchat stories. ¬†However their days at Paul Smith’s College were numbered, now they will be making an appearance in the St. Regis Cafe!¬†Stop by the cafe this semester or next for some delicious hyper local pork!




Sodexo and the Center for Campus Sustainability has been working hard to incorporate local food into the PSC student diet. This week, table tents were displayed on multiple tables in the Lakeside dining hall featuring apples from Red Jacket Orchards and milk from Byrne Dairy.

Red jacket Orchards has been in the Nicholson family for three generations. At the orchard, they have grown apples and summer fruits including berries, currants, cherries, peaches, and plums. The orchard is also home to the largest Apricot orchard on the East Coast.


Byrne Dairy, a company that dates back to 1933 – where they once delivered milk with horse and buggies – has expanded beyond milk to many more dairy products as the years progress. They strive to help organizations who are in need of financial support.