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Sustainability is everybody’s responsibility — and your ideas help keep Paul Smith’s green. Every PSC student contributes an annual $30 fee which goes directly into the grant!  PSC students, faculty, and staff develop projects and apply for Sustainability Grants. The Sustainability Grant was created by a group of interested students and staff in 2009.

The purpose of the Sustainability Grant Program is to provide funding and support to build a more sustainable and resilient campus community that serves both as a learning model and example for other university campuses and north country communities 

Priority will be given to those projects which support energy conservation/renewable energy generation and demonstrate lone-term viability through linkages with student organizations, academic programs, community groups, or the like.




Submit your grant application to

  • To be a catalyst for initiatives that further the goals of Carbon Neutrality and STARS certification.  
  • To empower students as agents of change in our community. 
  • To increase student stewardship of campus community (physical and social) 
  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in grant writing, project planning, management, promotion, and other career development skills.  
  • To increase opportunities for community engagement and place-based attachment.  
  • To facilitate opportunities for students and faculty to put what they are learning in the classroom into practice on our campus and in our community, through project-based experiential learning opportunities.  
  • To provide additional educational experiences related to sustainability for the campus community such as guest speakers, field tripssustainability educational resources etc. 
  • To support collaborative projects between various campus departments.  


Interested in applying for a Sustainability Grant?


Sustainability-Grant-Application under $500

Are Accepted On A Rolling Basis Throughout the Fall Semester



Sustainability Grant Applications Over $500, Are Due March 3rd, 2023 at 12 noon






About the Committee

The Sustainability Grant was created by students, for students. To ensure that the student body has maximum control over the development and approval of proposals, the Smitty Sustainability Committee was created as a Student Organization. The committee is charged with the following tasks:



1. Assisting the campus community in generating and developing Sustainability Grant proposals.
2. Reviewing all submitted grant proposals and ensuring that proposals meet all grant criteria.
3. Coordinating a campus wide poster session of all fund proposals which meet said grant criteria.
4. Assisting in the coordination of a campus wide student vote.

The committee also hosts co-curricular events and programs! Join us today! 

• Meetings are every Wednesday at 12:20 in the Pine Room of the Student Center.
• Committee members are required to be present for at least four weekly committee meetings a semester.
• The committee and grant budget will be overseen by the Sustainability Coordinator.

 The Smitty Sustainability Committee is open to all PSC students!




The Coordinator is responsible for assisting the student committee with achieving their committee charge. The Coordinator also manages the Sustainability Grant budget and with the help of the Sustainability Grant Assistant ensures that proposals are completed in accordance with their timeline and budget.


Past Projects- Click Below to View Proposals

Over  $150,000 awarded since Fall ’13

Supporting 50 different projects!