Working From Home





In case of an emergency, the ability to interact with employees and students in dispersed locations may become increasingly important. Paul Smith’s College Information Technology Services department provides tools to continue communications and maintain productivity. Most of these resources require advance preparation, and we encourage you to learn how to use these resources before a situation requires you to work off-campus.

Non-Live Communication
  • Use email.
    • You can use the Outlook desktop app or web app. See the section titled “Productivity” below to learn how to download the desktop app or to access the webapp.
    • How do I use Outlook more effectively?
Live Communication

If you are having trouble, please contact IT.

Remote File Access
  • On your desktop, to map your drives on your remote machine:
    • On your Windows computer, open “File Explorer” and copy this text into the location window:
    • net use "*" "" /savecred /persistent:yes
    • Insert your PSC username and password and press Enter
  • Access a web version of your network files by opening your web browser and navigating to
  • Forward your phone by dialing *55136#*1491XXXXXXXXXX
    • The XXXXXXXXXX should be your phone number including your local area code. For example, to forward your desk phone to cell phone number 518-123-4567, you would dial *55136#*14915181234567 from your desk phone.
  • Stop forwarding your phone by dialing #14 from your desk phone.
  • To get your campus phone voicemail sent to your email address, contact the IT Helpdesk by emailing

Get Help

To report a problem or ask a question, contact the Paul Smith’s College IT Helpdesk.

(518) 327-6465