Stopped by Montreal’s Festival of Lights. Complete with ferris wheel, zip line, ice track, warming huts and music.

In mid-February, Professors Joe Conto and Kelly Cerialo brought a group of Hospitality, Culinary, and Baking students to Montreal, Quebec to experience some of the city’s best features: its multiculturalism, city-wide festivals (well over a hundred in 2015), artisanal foods (it goes way beyond poutine), comedy (Just for Laughs is over 30 years old) and a general sense of “chilleux” (Montreal slang for chill or cool).

Just two hours from campus, the trip is a “must-do” for all Smitties. In fact, Kate Glenn was there the same weekend for a visit to the Biodome and Biosphere with a group from the Campus Sustainability Office and Chef Deb Misik will be bringing her Baking students for their annual trek north later in the semester.

The strong dollar is another benefit, as the exchange rate continues to hover at 30 percent (meaning every American dollar is worth $1.36 in Canada, at the time of this writing). Travelers do need a passport or enhanced license to cross the border, however (don’t let anyone tell you different).

If the travel bug has bitten you and you are craving some off-campus time, feel free to drop by Pickett 210 to chat with Professor Joe Conto. He’s a weekend resident of Montreal and PSC’s campus expert!



Joe Conto

Associate Professor of Hospitality Management, Program Director Business and Tourism.

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