Blue Skies and Black Flies is the Apollos’ version of “Cheers and Jeers”, heard of it?  We cheer the things that make this campus great, and jeer the less-than-stellar. Blue Skies, good. Black Flies, not-so-much. We welcome compliments, complaints, rants and raves of all things PSC.

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Blue Skies!

A big Blue Sky to everyone who has submitted to or visited The Apollos this semester! Giving our community a voice is something we strive for, and you’re the reason Paul Smith’s College has this platform.



Black Flies…

Snowplows. Maybe you’re trapped in your driveway or parking spot. Maybe the blade is across the yellow line and you’re forced into a slushy no-no zone. Late for work? Tough luck. The speed limit is now 15 mph.

Blue Skies!

Dan D’Apice and his work for Mission 22. Where do we even begin? Cheers to taking a project that some students view as a check in the box and turning it into a $6,000 success-raiser on behalf of not only those who have served, but our entire community.

Black Flies…

Food waste. According to a food waste collection study conducted by two Smitties, students alone throw away over 20,000 lbs of food annually here at Paul Smith’s College. Sad!

Below: A thrown away meal at Lakeside. Photo provided.

Blue Skies!

Snowplows. You folks work awful hours making sure out roads are safe and clear. Because of you I don’t have to tell my grandkids I used to walk 15 miles (uphill both ways, of course) through waist-deep snow because the roads were impassable.


Black Flies…

The Fall ’18 exam schedule. Some anecdotes: “If I didn’t have to take a final on Monday, I could have not sat around for four days before going home.” “RAs have to stay until every last person is gone. I had to cancel an annual family event that’s normally scheduled the Sunday after the last week of classes because I won’t be able to leave.” “I’m losing two shifts this weekend. Hard to make rent without money.”


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