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People of Paul Smith: Dan Kelting

The opportunity flashed, Dan found himself hustling his student on to other employment options; the seed was planted…


Golden Eagle Monitoring

I use my property, in Edmeston NY (30 miles south of Utica, in Central NY) for an annual golden eagle migration study. Golden eagles are monitored, in the winter months, from NY down to Virginia, by volunteers in rural areas…


BECI Investigator Ken Bruno

Investigative Lieutenant Kenneth Bruno laughs as he recounts his journey to his current position with the NY Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Law Enforcement (NYDEC)…


Forester in Pennsylvania: Zak Miller ’10

I will start by saying one of the best things about my Forest Technician job and my current Forester position is that there are a number of different things you could be working on any given day…


Seward Mountain Crash

Dean William Rutherford banged on door after door, waking up students in the morning hours of June 28th 1970. It was a Sunday, during summer session, so many students were sleeping in. He was recruiting volunteers for a grim, long, and demanding assignment. “Get dressed. It’s going to be a long day. We are needed…


Just Wingin’ It – Sarah Norton’s Work with Raptors

It’s really difficult to pick just one favorite moment after working five seasons with Raptor View. I think though one of my favorite moments was when I caught a female Golden Eagle with two of our interns in 2013. At the time I was in the blind moving our pigeon on the line…


Baking in “Montana: The Last Best Place”

The place has a marina, rustic lodging, a full-service restaurant, poolside tiki bar, and so much more. The restaurant would be my second home for the summer, as I was the assistant to the executive pastry chef…


Honoring Life, One Death at a Time: Profile of Sophomore Ben Wrazen

Ben gently smooths the nighthawk’s feathers with his thumb, and then pushes the large, curved needle through the skin near its eye socket. “It’s so sad,” he says, “to think of how this animal died. But now at least its story will go on.”


Brazil Forestry Alum

Jim Collom ’61 has traveled all over the planet as a forester and an educator. He went to Brazil and started a forestry school from scratch. Later on in life, he became a college administrator who worked on international education projects...


Interview with Provost Nicholas Hunt-Bull

It’s the start of the year, and there are many new faces on campus. At least one of them – new to returning students as well as first-year arrivals – is hard to miss. You might see him unfolding his very tall frame from the very compact car he drives, or notice his colorful, home-sewn shirts, or even admire his hair, which though modestly trimmed now, has a reputation of unruly behavior. This, dear Smitties, is our new Provost: Dr. Nicholas Hunt-Bull.


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