by Autumn Tallant

A black blanket- wet and cold-
Expands upon the hollow.
A faint twinkling- against the canvas-
Blinks brighter with each moment.
A collection of miniscule specks- purple and hazy-
Aggregates and flows together.
A lonely, spherical orb- rich with oceans of blues and greens-
Revolves cyclically and hovers through the deep.
Rivers flow
Wide and shallow,
Narrow and deep.
Mountains rise
High and craggy,
Low and round.
Oceans roll
Deep blue and frigid,
Turquoise and heated.
Grasslands roll
Plain and in drought,
Vivid and lively.
Deserts burn
Icy and isolated,
Fiery and dried up.
Forests breathe
Deep greens and mighty,
Light greens and fragile.
Breath- oxygen-
Is shared amongst the creatures
Which exist upon the sphere.
Water- liquid existence-
Is flowing freely from its springs.
Hearts- bleeding life-
Beat rhythmically to the same purposeful cadence.
Roots- trees-
Are wound and bound tightly together,
As one.
Along the surface of the orb,
A whirlwind
Space and
Nature and
Nurture and
Death and pain and
Love and passion and
Fires and oceans and
Rain and
Plagues the chaotic sphere.
But the orb continues on.
Outwardly- chaos-
Inwardly- intricate fragility-
No plagues exist inside the sphere-
Only harmony
Life is a shared beast.
Breath- oxygen- life-
Exists in unity.
Life is unity.
Life is union.
Life is love.
Life is hate.
Life is passion.
Life is apathy.
Life is death.
Is life.
What exists inside the sphere?
Harmony and peace
With a purposeful cadence?
Death and destruction
With a magnificent drum?
Both worlds exist inside the sphere-
One is true
One is a lie.
Perspective is that which determines
Which is true
Which is a lie.
Perception is that which determines
In which direction the sphere rotates.