By Skylar Murphy

Be careful how you raise your sons.
The barbs you slash him with
Will become some woman’s wounds,
And her pain.

You told him he was no good.
Nothing he did was enough.
So with his razor tongue
He will cut her soft edges
And make her bitter and rough.
Then he can hate her so
The way he hated you.

He will learn fast
‘cuz you taught him so.
What he could not do to you
He will do to her.
He will rummage through her heart
And look for you.
He will always find ways to make her you.
It will be easy then to unleash
His putridness then.

He will say he loves her
And that love he will withold.
Just like you did
When you said,
“Do as you’re told”.

Be careful how you raise your sons.
The wheel will come full circle.
His feet that will rest on her heart,
Her soul that he will ravage and loot
Will turn her into you
And she will raise another
Half man,
And a brute.

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