“I think we go this way?” A voice says in front of me.

“Didn’t we just come from that direction?” A different voice chimes in.

“We’ll go this way, and you guys go that way, okay?”

We all agree.

And that’s how I ended up on top of a boulder shouting Marco Polo in the Great Adirondack Corn Maze

A hidden gem of the park, the Great Adirondack Corn maze will give you a run for your money. Only $10 for adults, it’s great if you really want to ditch a bad date, or get really confused with a group of friends. The corn maze runs Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting in August until the last weekend in October. And if you’re looking for a special treat, you can attend a ‘Flashlight Night’ which run from dusk until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.
When we checked in, the person attending the desk handed us a mostly blank map. Our job, besides trying not to get hopelessly turned around, was to find the map pieces scattered throughout the maze. These pieces of map can be found in mailboxes and when all of them have been found, you have a complete map. Our guide explained this then gently lead the party to the entrance, offered to take a picture, and we became People of the Corn.
If you have never been inside of a corn maze before, imagine a green hallway, but the walls are made of corn stalks. The ceiling is open sky and the floor is a dirt path. On the other side of the corn wall, you can hear people who are just as lost as you. The hallways twist, turns, and splits, in seemingly random places. There are always different ways to go and you might even walk by the same location a few times. It’s easy to get lost. If you’re there with a group, one person might think that splitting up to find pieces of the map would be the best way to maximize time and efficiency.

It is not.

It was getting dark, the stars were starting to come out, and we were helplessly lost within 15 meters of the other group. We got so confused that we eventually climbed on top of a boulder near the path to search the corn for the signs of life. Once we were all reunited, we used headlamps, flashlights, cell phones and anything else we could find to illuminate the way. It was not long before we were on a familiar path and finally exited… though the entrance.

Once outside the maze, a small fire with s’mores and chairs greeted us. It was a cozy end to the disorientation of the corn maze. Although we were not able to find all of the map pieces, and got lost a few times, we did have a lot of fun. I wholeheartedly plan on returning for another confusing evening in the corn.

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