New migratory birds are arriving daily in the Adirondacks as the warm temperatures and southerly winds take over.

Some recent sightings of mine are:

ruby-crowned kinglets Ruby-crowned Kinglet s52-13-393_V



fox sparrow  fox sparrow



pine warbler Pine_Warbler_l07-55-141_l_1



palm warbler(at the VIC Bog) Palm_Warbler_b57-13-247_l_1




northern harrier northernharrier




tree swallows sfw_jerryamende_276301_warbirds-copy




yellow-bellied sapsuckers download




hermit thrush Hermit_Thrush_FlickrCC_1



Several students tell me of Ospreys hunting for fish, common loons calling on Lower St Regis, American woodcocks “peenting,” and hermit thrush singing near campus. Spring is definitely the best season!

All photos thanks to the Audubon Society.

Brian is an Adjunct Instructor at Paul Smith’s College. He studied at State University College at Buffalo (Class of 1989). He is also a VIC naturalist and Adirondack Birding Center Director.

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