by Autumn Tallant

10. Woodcocks
Who doesn’t love watching little timberdoodles do their springtime dance?

9. Hammocking
‘Mocking is an extreme sport at PSC… We should create the Hammocking Olympics.

8. Thaw of the Great Lawn
From soccer to frisbee to football, the Great Lawn is FINALLY open for business!

7. Shorts
You know you’re a Smitty when it hits 45 degrees outside and you’re already wearing shorts and sweating.

6. Baby Leaves
The first boom of pale green leaves marks the transition from eternal winter to refreshing spring.

5. The Great Salamander Migration on Keese Mill Road
For Curt Stager, in all of his wisdom, has stated that on the first rain during which the fog rises up off of the warm pavement, the ‘manders shall being their treacherous and magnificent plight to the bogs of Keese Mill Road.

4. Flowers
We know those pesky black flies and ladybugs are on their way, BUT HEY! The return of the flowers is the return of SUNSHINE!

3. Kite Flying
While others may groan at the brutal lake winds, kite fliers take the wonderful opportunity to sail their colorful fabrics once again.

2. Cook Outs and Bonfires
Hotdogs. S’mores. Need we say more?

1. Ice-Out
When the ice on the lake breaks up and thaws, thus the true spring has begun! TO THE KAYAKS!