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Class Reports

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Dessert Before Dinner

Paul Smith’s baking and pastry arts seniors are pleased to present “Dessert Before Dinner” at The Ganzi Restaurant…

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Students to Revive PSC Radio

I stare in awe at the studio speakers, audio interfaces and CD player racks, coated by a thin film of dust. The entire history of the Paul Smith’s College radio station, here in a pile, condemned as a prisoner of club storage…

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Thyme for Scallops

I didn’t have to think twice. I put down my tomatoes and cucumbers, ran down to the shed and grabbed a spade and an old pot. That thyme plant had survived this long – I was not going to let it dry up and go to waste…

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How To: Birch Bark Basket

Yurts & Dirt’s Bethany Garretson shows how to make a simple basket out of nothing but birch bark, sinew, and just a handful of tools … Watch.

Externship in Fairbanks

This summer, I had an incredible learning experience working in Fairbanks, Alaska, in the ecotourism field…

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Gallery: Lately at the St. Regis...

by William Rock

See the ingredients, the process, and the dishes coming from our very own St Regis Cafe…

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The City of Tomorrow

The lay of the land was like I had remembered, but this time I was looking at the city from a whole new perspective…

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The Ecology of Lyme Disease

As the Fish and Wildlife seminars always are, Sporn’s presentation was very informative, covering everything from Smitty student research on Lyme disease, to how to best avoid tick born disease…

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Campus Living

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Fun-gi Contra Dance – and the Famous Walker Family Musicians!

Come one, come all, to the Fun-gi Dance & Costume Party on Saturday, October 3rd in the Forestry Club Cabin on campus starting at 8:00pm! Music by the Walker Family!

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Adventure Opportunities in the Adirondacks and Beyond

Let’s put to rest any confusion; The Paul Smith’s College Outing Program is bigger than just the PSC Outing Club…

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Nooks & Crannies: The VIC


Despite the huge amount of land, this campus can seem like an infinitesimally small world to live out four years of life. However, there are little nooks of solitude that lend themselves to escape from this small world; the only requirement is the willingness to explore them.

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All’s Fair in Wellness and Safety


The choices we make impact not only ourselves, but those around us. The results of those choices depend on the information we have. The PSC Wellness and Safety Fair, conducted on September 23, provided information we can use to make positive choices for a healthy and safe campus community…

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Solar Panels Coming to PSC!

Learn more about the solar array coming to Paul Smiths College!

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Take Back the Night

Help raise awareness, and take a stand against domestic violence by joining us on Wednesday, October 7th at 6pm in the Bobcat for the Take Back the Night event, hosted by the counseling center…

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Creative Writing Workshop


I’m here to extend my hand to you all and invite you to take part in the Creative Writing Workshop Club in my office in Pickett 109. I’ll be holding an all-points meeting on Monday, Oct 5th at 10:10am to work out a schedule.

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Oh, The Places To Go!

Looking for fun or just to escape your roommate for a bit? Check out the wonderful things to do in the area in the up coming weeks…

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Far Flung Smitty

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Kyle Dash: Campgrounds, Jetboats, and Adventures in Recreation

Seedling Series: Interviews with Alumni
“I came up to Alaska in May of 2014. I wanted to explore the country, and gave Alaska a shot…”

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Brazil and Beyond: Jim Collom ’61


Jim Collom ’61 has traveled all over the planet as a forester and an educator. He went to Brazil and started a forestry school from scratch. Later on in life, he became a college administrator who worked on international education projects in West Africa, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Yemen and many other countries…

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Sports Stories

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The Warm-Up


The warm-up, really an overture to the workout, is that period of time when snoozing muscles have an opportunity to be gently nudged awake, rather than required to jump to attention…

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Big Wins in Golf

PSC’s new golf team proving a force to be reckoned with…

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Creative Space

Bohemian Waxwing

Come see more drawings of birds by Lee Ann Sporn and others. “Bird in Hand” at NorthWinds Fine Arts in Saranac Lake!…

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Special Thanks!

To Meggan Press – for making our brand new Apollos banner!

squareMeggan Press is the Teaching and Learning Librarian at Paul Smith’s College. She spends her days encouraging students to ask great questions, her nights as a freelancing musician, and her free time nerding out about design.

Catch of the Day

Largemouth Bass

Fish and favorite quote, submitted by Taylor Sprague:

“Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it.” – Harry Middleton

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Academic Success Center

Take A Chance On Tutoring

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers a variety of academic support services designed to help our students reach their goals and find their pathway to graduation. The ASC Success Chronicles provide our students with important tips, tools and information related to time management, organization, studying, active learning, critical thinking and much more.

Check out the latest post written by Claire Nellis.

claireClaire Nellis is a Senior in the Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program. Claire has worked in the Academic Success Center throughout her time at PSC as a Peer Tutor, Writing Center Tutor and Supplemental Instruction Leader.  This summer Claire worked as a Raptor Research Intern at Boise State University in Idaho doing research on Burrowing Owls.

Career Services

We're Here!

The Career Center is now upstairs in the library, located in the Academic Success Center. Stop by for career tips and more!

Tip of the Week:

Make your job hunt less of a headache. Create daily goals, scratch them off, and pursue your interests. (Read More)

Save the Date:

PSC Fall Career Fair is Thursday, Oct 22, 2015

Growing Gray Matter


October 1 – The comet C/2013 US10 Catalina will begin to reach naked-eye visibility by this day. It will continue to brighten until around November 6, when it will begin to fade again.

October 2 – The Orionid meteor shower will begin on this day. The best viewing will be from a dark location, after midnight. This particular shower is created by particles left behind by Halley’s comet. The shower peaks around October 21-22, and runs until November 7.

These Weeks in History

October 2nd 1836: Darwin returns to England

October 3rd 1932: Iraq wins independence

October 4th 1927: Work begins on Mount Rushmore

October 5th 1974: An American circumnavigates the globe on foot

October 7th 1949: East Germany created

October 9th 1936: Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles

October 11th 1968: Apollo 7 launched

October 12th 1810: The origin of Oktoberfest

October 13th 1792: White House cornerstone is laid

October 14th 1994: Pulp Fiction debuts

Smitty List

Very Sweet but Shy Dog – Needs Your (occasional) Attentions

We are looking for occasional dog sitters (to call on when we’re away for one or more days) for our English Mastiff, Lucy. She is very gentle – just prone to anxiety.

We live on White Pine Camp Rd – about a mile from campus.

Position is paid

Please contact Sarah Hart (


Pig Cartoon Needed

William Rock is looking for a cartoon style logo of a pig. This is to be a logo for a food truck that specializes in BLTs.

William would like the pig to be wearing a farmer-type hat, with one hand holding a tomato, or tomatoes, and the other hand holding lettuce. It should be a sort of exaggerated cartoon drawing, with the pig smiling, and the vegetables in his hand looking big, bright, and healthy.

If someone feels like they are up to it, get in touch with William to discuss details, as well as a price for the job.

Contact William at



For Sale!

Ashley wood stove in great condition.  Only used two years by previous homeowner.  Includes a 3′ section of 6″ inside diameter ST pipe (triple wall?) that is brand new, 2 small firewood racks and half face cord of dried hardwoods.

$200 for Smitty folks.

Contact: Deb Naybor or email


Two Times the Good

Benjamin Kelly is selling fudge to support his venture to Cusco, Peru where he will be teaching English to children at an orphanage for three weeks over winter break.

Peanut butter fudge $10 a pound

Reese’s fudge $12 a pound

Please contact Benjamin Kelly at 802-734-8191 or at



For Sale!

Malik Thompson is selling an Abu Garcia Black Max 2 Custom Combo Rod.

Abu Garcia black max 2 reel, fixed to a FLW Pro Platinum 6′ Ro for sale. In excellent Shape! This rod has been fished with about five times total. The action of the rod is medium heavy. This is a great rod if you like fishing any power baits, for example spinner baits, cranks, or even bouncing plastics on the bottom for bass!

The rod is in need of a new tension control knob, the last one fell off while fishing because  it  was too loose. This part can be found for about $8 or so on ebay.

$65 or best offer, I’m also open to trade if reasonable!