Rainbow on Lake Colby

Nick Stevens

Winning Walleye

Ryan DeBarr



Dion Snowshoes, made in Vermont, On Sale at the PSC VIC.
Hiking snowshoes – 166 frame with binding and cleat Retail price $210 Used Price $130
Running-fitness snowshoes – 132 frame with binding and cleat Retail price $210 Gently Used price $140
Backpacking snowshoe – 220 frame with binding and cleat Retail price $275 Barely used Price $175
Racing snowshoe – 121 frame with binding and cleat Retail price $240 New on Sale price $180
Limited quantities, so drop by the VIC to buy now!

Welcoming Six Catholic Climate Ambassadors

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An Integrated Education

Now in my second year here at Paul Smith’s College, I’m learning how important a spiritual sensibility is to fully understanding and seeing a biotic community…

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What a Culinary Degree Should Mean

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My Capstone Experience

I had tears in my eyes. I felt extremely proud to see all my hard work from the past four years come together…

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Camping in the Cold

As we approached the summit the clouds opened up for us and we had an unbelievable view…

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Akwesasne Mohawk Tribe Visit

Our class, a small group of predominantly European heritage, has little knowledge on the history and culture that these Haudenosaunee natives hold close…

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Chopped International

We have spent the last seven weeks learning about different cultures and cuisines. This Chopped competition solidified what we have learned…

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Montreal Dreaming

In mid-February, Professors Joe Conto and Kelly Cerialo brought a group of Hospitality, Culinary, and Baking students to Montreal, Quebec to experience some of the city’s best features…

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More than just Volunteering

They do not have any disabilities, because the only disability in life is a bad attitude. The athletes have the best attitudes and I wish everyone could see their faces when they cross the finish line…

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Past the Pink Hair and Piercings: TomTomaszewski

Since her childhood rug was pulled from beneath her because of family responsibilities, Tommy had to find this inner peace early on…

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Teaching Wildlife in Minnesota

When I first agreed to teach a class called Principles of Wildlife Management, I had certain ideas as to what teaching entailed. Boy was I in for a surprise…

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Message on the Mirrors

To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin and accepting who you are. Every day I hear people say negative things about others, or themselves, and they don’t realize the damage they are doing.

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The Giver: by Lois Lowry

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Kanye West- The Life of Pablo


Even though it clocks in at around 80 minutes, I felt like it was over before I knew it. The melodies seamlessly meld into one another, inviting multiple and intent listens…

Animal Collective – Painting With

This album will probably disappoint many fans of their older material, but I can enjoy it for what it is: catchy. I can’t get these songs out of my head!

Carbs and Your Health

The information Dr. Wood provides in his video “How do carbohydrates impact your health?” is fun, moderately paced, and full of wonderful introductory information about sugar, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome… Read More

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