by Spencer Bucolo


I’ll remember it forever, the way you made me feel.

The moment when I figured out, that what we said was real.

It was that time so long ago, when we took our time.

Words and smiles making bridges, from your face to mine.


We sat alone the both of us, for as long as time allowed.

Until the time escaping us, returned us to the ground.

Getting up and walking out, we said goodbye real slow.

And all the thoughts of you and I, dwelt longer than I’d know.


Too late I realized what it was, the thing which had occurred.

Asking for the hundredth time, why heart and soul felt stirred?

Then it hit me what it was, the thing I had to do.

Finding anything I could, to bring me back to you.


Late and hurt the effort was, when I chose to speak.

All the time from then and there, now knowing I was weak.

But now you know of how I feel, and that’s at least a win.

And yet I often wonder still, what life it could have been?

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