By Chip Tobin

Where I’m From

I am from the small town where everybody knows everybody else
I am from the little blue shed built with my grandfather
I am from the woods behind the house always looking to be explored
I am from my canine companions Nikki, Kirby, Zyla, and Buddy
I am from salmonella pie
I am from the fan blown flames of the fake Olympic Torch
I am from a life fulfilled through volunteering
I am from a childhood life of ostracization
I am from siblings in name only
I am from the tunnel at recess where I’d spend my time alone
I am from the insults made just quiet enough for the teachers not to hear
I am from countless days of suspension due to countless fights
I am from rising through the ranks of CKA
I am from years spent controlling anger
I am from a life lacking of peer companionship until my mid teen years
I am from the JCCC
I am from creating beautiful friendships out of rubble
I am from bouncing around from one mistake to the next finding my way to the light
I am from the void left from emotionally abusive relationships that still haunt me to this day
I am from the barren wasteland that is my self esteem
I am from students first collaboration always
I am from fourth graders teaching me more than I taught them
I am from the bouquet of flowers given to me by FS on our last day in school
I am from a constant search of belonging
I am from giving years of my life to communities that adopted me into their own
I am from families not made by blood

Chip Tobin

Chip Tobin is an Environmental Science sophomore from Northford, Connecticut. Prior to coming to Paul Smith’s College he spent two years volunteering with an education based non-profit organization in New York City. He enjoys math rock, novels by Haruki Murakami, and bothering Cory at The Bobcat.

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