The Adirondack Naturalist

The Adirondack Naturalist: Crickets

The Adirondack Naturalist: Crickets

NATURALIST NEWSSTAND On Thursday August 16th, it became official that Lake Placid will be hosting the 2023 Winter Universiade. This is an eleven-day event that was started in 1960 and occurs every two years, and is expected to include over 3,000 students...

The Adirondack Naturalist: Moths & Bats

The Adirondack Naturalist: Moths & Bats

Naturalist Newsstand The American beaver (Castor canadensis) has made its first appearance at the VIC in at least two years! Signs of beaver across the property have hinted at the presence of this large rodent such as fresh chews, slides, and successional...

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