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Trails are directional this year.

Please always carry a mask with you on the trails.

​Classic Ski Trails

Classic cross-country ski trails are typically groomed 4′ to 6′ wide with an ATV and  drag or roller grooming equipment. Classic track is set when conditions permit. Classic ski trails are open to snowshoers and classic skiers. Snowshoers are encouraged to walk to the side of set classic tracks to preserve set track for classic skiiers.

WOODS AND WATERS TRAIL: This trail is a 3.1 mile [5 kilometer] (one way) route that crosses through the varied habitats of the VIC property. Cross the floating bridge, ski through open hardwoods and conifers and through a dense balsam section on your way to the Little Black Pond lean-to.  Trail users looking to ski out to the Little Black Pond Lean-to, or sections South of the plowed logging road are encouraged to utilize a short section of the Skidder Trail and Core Loop Connector, or may quickly take off skis to cross the plowed road and continue. Follow the dark red trail markers.


HERON MARSH TRAIL: This is a 2.8 mile [4.5 kilometer] loop that circles Heron Marsh. Features of interest include Shingle Mill Falls, the Lester family home site, several observation platforms, a 900’ boardwalk, and scenic vistas across the marsh. Follow the light grey trail markers.


ESKER TRAIL: This route is accessed from the Logger’s Loop Trail. The trail features a significant climb with switch backs and a series of enticing vistas. The 1 mile [1.8 kilometer] connector trail is in the center of the VIC property. There are challenging up and downhill grades on this recently logged terrain. Please use caution! Ski the trail clockwise to best navigate steep terrain. Follow the light green trail markers.


BOBCAT TRAIL: This trail is the connector route from the Paul Smith’s College campus. The 1.1mile [1.8 kilometer] trail can be accessed by the VIC building or across the road from the Saunders Sports Complex. Follow the orange trail markers.


SILVI TRAIL: This 1 mile [1.5 kilometer] trail intersects with the Woods and Waters Trail, leading through a forest plantation which was developed on the site of the St. Regis Golf Club. Follow the dark blue trail markers.

Skate Ski Trails

These trails are groomed 8′ to 16’ wide with the VIC’s tracked atv’s and drag behind grooming equipment in early season and by snowcat with sufficient snowpack. The trails are packed and rolled as conditions permit. Skate trails can be used by skate skiers, classic skiers, and snowshoers. Classic Tracks will be set on the side of Skate Trails when conditions allow. Classic skiers and snowshoers on skate trails are asked to stay to the side of the trail to permit skate skiers access to the flat planed surface to skate.

​EASY STREET: This trail is a 1 mile [1.5 kilometer] loop trail accessed from the Logger’s Loop Trail. Flat, wide, and smooth as  the name implies. A great early and late season ski. Visitors pass by our working sugarbush. Follow the light blue trail markers.


LOGGER’S LOOP: This loop is a 4.7 mile [7.6 kilometer] loop trail has seen some changes in Winter 2019-2020. Trail users are advised of a Paul Smith’s College student run timber harvest occurring in the Eastern most corridor between the College and the VIC. This section of trail is closed, and winter users are encouraged to use alternate routes to connect this section. Alternates include: Woods & Waters, Bobcat or Heron Marsh. Additionally, the logging road section Logger’s Loop from 156 Keese Mills Road to the Log Landing will routinely see snow removal for access to the new Competition Venue and Trail system at the Log Landing. Classic skiers and snowshoers can easily pass through this section utilizing snow on the North side of the road cut. Winter trail users, especially skate skiers are encouraged to try new Core Loop alignment for a large on snow loop around Heron Marsh. Follow the dark green trail markers.


FOX RUN: This trail is a .3 mile [.5 kilometer] rolling connector trail accessed via Logger’s Loop. It provides a way for skiers  traveling in a clockwise direction to avoid a steep descent on the backside of Logger’s Loop. Follow the dark red trail markers.


SKIDDER TRAIL: The Skidder Trail is a .5 mile [.8 kilometer] long trail that is part of our new Core Loop- a 7.3km loop around the entirely of Heron Marsh. This link connects skiers and snowshoers on a groomed trail surface to access new competition trails at our Log Landing, and up to the Jenkins Mountain Road section of our Logger’s Loop. This trail cuts across the silviculture area of the VIC. Skiers can explore varied hard and soft wood forests and plantation pines in different stages of succession and management. Varied animal tracks are often visible. Follow the orange trail markers.


CORE LOOP CONNECTOR: The 4.5 mile [7.3 kilometer] This skate ski loop utilizes existing sections of the Logger’s Loop (Jenkins Mountain Road between the VIC and the FERDA Plots), trends South and takes users through three FERDA plots connecting users  to the Skidder Trail, and Easy Street to continue on a loop back to the VIC or take the Logger’s Loop to access new and existing trails at the biathlon range at the Log Landing. Trail users will find on snow connectors to points South and West including access to Woods & Waters, Logger’s Loop, and Esker.

RED (Southern) 2.5K COMPETITION LOOP: The new 1.6 mile [2.5 kilometer] RED LOOP was completed in Fall of 2019. This skate ski loop utilizes existing sections of the Esker Trail, Woods & Waters, and the  Little Loop. This loop includes multiple cut-offs and configurations including a 1km Competition Sprint Loop.

YELLOW (Southern Extension) 2.5K COMPETITION LOOP: The new 1.6 mile [2.5 kilometer] YELLOW LOOP has been completed for the 2020-2021 winter season. Access it as an extension off of the Red Loop. This extension takes users on pre-existing sections of Woods & Waters  and the Black Pond Trail near Black Pond, and through playful rolling terrain on our South East corner. 

PURPLE (Northern) 2.5K COMPETITION LOOP; The new 1.6 mile [2.5 kilometer] PURPLE LOOP is partly completed and sections are skiable for the Winter 2019-2020 season. Skiable sections include a .7km spur that was a pre-existing section of the Logger’s Loop. The completed section of this trail connects the Southern end of the Fox Run Trail to the Log Landing. 1.8km of harvesting and excavation remain to be completed on this 2.5km loop. Once completed, this loop will utilize sections of Logger’s Loop and the Fox Run Trail. Core Loop users will find short connectors between the Purple Competition Loop provide on snow access to points South and West.


Snowshoe Trails


Snowshoe trails may be groomed by machine or  packed down by snowshoers. The VIC utilizes a core of staff, volunteers, and student employees to help pack down these trails. Occasionally visitors may find themselves with fresh tracks, packing the furthest reaches of our trail systems. Groomed sections of snowshoe trails can be skied on with adequate snow and appropriate skier ability.


​BOREAL LIFE TRAIL: This trail is broken up into two loops. The Lower Boreal Life Loop is a .6 mile [1 kilometer] groomed and shared with classic skiers. The Upper Boreal Life Loop is a .8mile [1.3 kilometer loop] that is ungroomed and left for snowshoeing. The trail wanders through a forest of pine, spruce, fir, hemlock, cedar, tamarack, and mixed hardwoods. A significant feature of the trail is the 1600’ long boardwalk that allows visitors to explore life in a spruce swamp and bog. Follow the orange trail markers.


JENKINS MOUNTAIN TRAIL: This is a 4.5 mile [6.8 kilometer] (one way) trail with many route choice options. Snowshoers can choose to follow the Jenkins Mountain Road, which is also used by skate and classic skiers. For a more intimate experience, follow the designated dark blue trail markers through a mixture of woods trails (including Barnum Brook and Heron Marsh) and long sections of an old logging road (where the trail combines with Logger’s Loop). Noteworthy features include eskers, beaver ponds and 2514’ mountain summit with significant views of the St. Regis Canoe Area and High Peaks Wilderness. Major sections of this trail are groomed for skate and classic skiing. The groomed trail terminates at base of the mountain. Snowshoeing only is recommended for a winter ascent of Jenkins Mountain from the end of the groomed trail. Follow the dark blue trail markers.


BLACK POND: This is a 2.4 mile [3.9 kilometer] trail accessed via either the Long Pond Trail or the Keese Mills Road trail head. The loop offers a variety of features including two lean-tos, mixed forests, a fish barrier dam, varied mature forests and plentiful animal signs. This trail is ungroomed but regularly patrolled and maintained on snowshoe. Follow the dark orange trail markers.


LONG POND TRAIL: This .6 mile [ 1 kilometer] trail between the Jenkins Mountain Trail and the Black Pond Trail. It runs along the western shore of Long Pond and passes by the Long Pond lean-to. In places, the trail is narrow and side cut. This trail is ungroomed but regularly patrolled and maintained on snowshoe. Follow the light green trail markers.


BARNUM BROOK TRAIL: This incredibly scenic .6 mile [1 kilometer] loop trail begins at the gazebo near the VIC parking lot and meanders through staggering groves of White Pine forest to two overlooks with good views of Heron Marsh and St. Regis Mountain, and twice crosses Barnum Brook over a bridge.  This trail is groomed for classic skiing and snowshoeing. For an added bonus, users may enjoy following the groomed Service Trail  Northwest at the furthest end of the loop along side the peaceful Barnum Brook. Follow the light blue markers.

We’re a proud member of the Cross-Country Ski Areas Association