Workplace-Based Education

What is Workplace-Based Education?

Just as it sounds, workplace-based education is provided by Paul Smith’s College onsite at the employees’ workplace – not online but in actual classrooms with faculty and hands-on teaching.

We design the curriculum to accommodate existing employees’ work schedules. Learning may be augmented with online classes, but the core of the program are in-person classes with a small student:faculty ratio that allows the professor to know the students and help them succeed. Programs may include the possibility of awarding college credit for an employee’s existing skills & knowledge based on a formal assessment program as approved by New York State Education Department.

Why is it needed?

Building a great workforce requires recruiting and retention.

Workplace-Based Education is among the very best and most effective tools for retaining valuable employees. For a long-term recruiting solution, check out our Pipeline Partners program.

  • It increases the skill set of the employee for their own benefit and for the company.
  • It is an investment by both employer and employee.
  • It not only keeps valuable employees, but it makes them more promote-able.

How much does it cost you when valuable employees leave? How much better would it be for the company – and for the employee – if your trained workforce chose to stay and advance with the company? The cost of losing a single valuable employee is very high – just some of the costs of turnover include:

  • Exit interview, farewell expenses & related costs for the outgoing employee
  • Cost of advertising for a replacement
  • Cost of interviewing, testing, evaluating
  • Cost of management productivity
  • Cost of the vacant position’s missed productivity
  • Cost of impacted colleagues’ productivity
  • Cost of training the replacement
  • Cost of onboarding the replacement
  • Unknown costs associated with the replacement’s compensation & benefit demands
  • Costs associated with loss of stability
  • Risk management and higher loss potential of new “shallow-rooted” employee

Just like a good customer, when it comes to good employees, it costs much more to replace them than to retain them.

How can your company get started?

Paul Smith’s College Workplace-Based Education Programs are tailored to specific employers for their employees. Each program typically requires 12-18 months of collaborative development between the employer and Paul Smith’s College. There is a minimum number of students required to produce the program for the year.


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