Whether it was part of your first campus tour, you wanted snacks and didn’t want to drive to town, your parents wanted some Paul Smith’s souvenirs,  you saw someone wearing a PSC shirt and you wanted one for yourself, or you couldn’t find the textbook you needed for a class online, we’ve all made the journey to the ground floor of the Joan Weill Student Center to the Packbasket Bookstore.  Being a rural school, tucked within a mountainous park, our bookstore offers unique, rustic, and cute items in addition to the usual college supplies and attire. The Apollos staff has compiled a list of our Top 10 favorite items to snag at the bookstore, we hope you take advantage of these fun, delicious, and can’t-miss pieces of merchandise. 

10.  The Classic Smitty Flannel- $60.00


What says Smitty more than a FLANNEL? Well, probably a camo hat. But flannels are a universal style that fits not only lumber-jacks, but anyone who wants to stay warm with this 100% wool beauty that is available in green or red!

9.  Maple Syrup – $7.00-29.00

“It’s for my grandma!” Johnny Wood


You know whats better than REAL maple syrup? Real maple syrup made by Smitties from the sap of Sugar maples that grow on Paul Smith’s land!

8. Cards- $0.99-3.00

Does someone you know have a birthday coming up that you can’t make it for? Did you receive a letter from an old friend and want to return the gesture? Well worry not, the Packbasket Bookstore has the cutest selection of beautiful rustic art and photography themed cards, fun and cheesy cards, and more.

7. Blankets- $40.00

Do you like the cozy feeling of a hoodie? Want to experience that feeling surrounding your entire body? Then get yourself a PSC sweatshirt blanket! Made from the softest of materials and a variety of color options, this is quite a popular item!

6.  Sweatpants- $45.00

“Like sweaters for your legs” -Rae Bednar

It’s mid semester and you have 4 midterms this week. You stayed up until 2:00am making flashcards last night and haven’t done laundry in two weeks. You snoozed your alarm 3 times and now you only have 10 minutes to get dressed before class, where do you turn? Well, to none other than your comfy PSC sweatpants. Thanks to your PSC sweats, it only takes you 2 minutes to get ready for the day, and you’ve scored a few spare minutes to get coffee from the hutch before your 8:00am. Are you truly a college student if you don’t have a pair of sweatpants with your school logo on them? Well yes, but you are part of a minority, because most of us have them.

5. Hats- $25.00

Wanna prevent that summit sunburn on your cheeks? Hair a little greasy from this weekend’s camping trip and you wanna cover it up? A PSC hat is there to help! With logo options across the board such as “Paul Smith’s College Mom”, “Fisheries and Wildlife”, or just the leaning pine itself, you can’t go wrong with one of these beauties. Bonus: they make for a good place to stick all the PSC pins you receive during important ceremonies and fun events!

4. Folders – $0.35-0.60

Why expend the gas to drive into town for school supplies when you can find a folder for less than a dollar right in the Student Center basement! Bonus: these are paper so they are easily recycled, and easier to doodle on!

3. Pringles – $1.35 small- $2:50 big

For being in the middle of the woods, the campus store has a pretty impressive flavor selection when it comes to Pringles! Getting your snack fix for less than $5.00 starts here.

2.  Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – $5.00

Speaking of a wide selection of flavors, if what you’re craving is something sweet, head into the freezer and get yourself some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! We know many may argue that the more affordable Stewart’s Ice cream is truly the better option, and they may not be wrong, but at least the Bookstore’s Ben & Jerry’s is only a walk across campus away!

1. Socks- $9.00

There you have it, the best item in the Packbasket Bookstore, the warm and mighty socks! With one of a kind designs and thick and cozy warmth, they cannot be beat!  Do you want your entire foot to look like a snowy owl? Do you love loons, bears, moose, wolves, and/or bass? Well then there’s a pair of socks for you!

“By far the best thing at the bookstore is socks. They are warm, affordable, and convenient when you get cold feet. I have gotten so many pairs from the bookstore, it’s kind of ridiculous. I buy them for others, I buy them for myself, and if they had socks for dogs, I would totally get them for my dog too.” –Kimi Kehr

To learn more about the Packbasket Bookstore, visit them Monday through Thursday 8:00am until 5:00pm, and Saturdays & Sundays from 11:30pm to 3:00pm. Or visit them on the web at https://www.paulsmiths.edu/shop/packbasket-bookstore/