by Gavin Shwahla


I will swallow this world

And the silence of the many will please my ears so.

Adrift in the stars

The gods of men will entertain my most mortal of desires.

My laughter will ripple the vibrations of time

And I will be serenaded by the sound of weeping suns


I will regurgitate this world

In a cocktail of stardust and fire

Drunk on the cosmos of ignorance and wine

Hungover on heartbreak, that makes even the gods cry

All the while floating on solid nothingness

My material face locked in a smile brighter than the stars themselves


I will celebrate this world

My eyes fixed on all of you remaining

As your molded minds revel in the shadow of my bliss

Wearing a crown of Saturn’s rings

I’ll lick my fingers clean of the crust and ice of planets

Washing pollutants and flavor down with a glass of solar rays


I will mourn this world

And in the orbit of the galaxy there will be me

The silent cold rock

And the nothingness

Pulled by the expanse of the universe

Drowning in the gravity of my fallen sun

And I will only imagine what it is to draw one last breath.