By Kimi Kehr

In a world of darkness, where there is only snow and mountains one girl is on a mission to spread love and cheer. Some would call her crazy, some might even call her naïve… but we call her Rae Bednar. This Long Island native, culinary major, and blue raspberry Dum Dum lover is spreading love… with lollipops. Her task is simple, fill every PSC student mailbox with ‘Sweet Little Things’, which are kind words and a lollipop sponsored by Residence Life.

She sat outside of Lakeside Dining Hall this week at supper collecting small, brightly colored slips of kind words to distribute to the student body. Among her favorite of the over six-hundred personalized comments were “You’re the best!”, “Turtles”, and some of the lyrics to Ophelia by The Lumineers.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with her about the ‘Sweet Little Things’ she plans to distribute. “I want people to be happy and spread happiness. People tend to get bitter around Valentine’s Day, and this is just nice!” It’s no secret that Rae loves to spread joy, but when asked why she chose lollipops to distribute instead of classic valentines, Rae answered “Lollipops were the best allergen free food and the least likely to cause an allergic reaction. They are nut free, diary free, and gluten free… Also everyone likes lollipops.”

The initiative is free for everyone, and if you’re already in the student center, just head down to check your mail. The little bundles of joy should be in mailboxes by supper time on February 14th, 2019. If you forgot your combination or can’t remember how to open your mailbox, feel free to ask the mailroom attendant (me) to help you out, but make sure you try it by yourself first!

This isn’t Rae’s first time doing super cool stuff around campus. As a 3rd year RA, developing interactive and engaging programs has become second nature. In the past semester, she has hosted a 21+ Paint and Sip, a wine glass decorating party, and is soon to present a graduation ‘preparedness’ program with the academic success center. This creative, cheery, and energetic person is a treasure to have on campus. I think that Rae’s co-RA in Overlook, Connor Gale, speaks for all of us when he says “Rae is wonderful!”

If you are a Paul Smith’s College student, faculty, or staff member, stop by the dining hall during dinner until Friday, February 8th, and fill out a small colorful slip. Help Rae spread Valentine’s Day cheer. This Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to fret, and you don’t have to frown, just check your mailbox.