By Katherine Gale


The wind catches your ear

Before it catches your eye

It leads you to feel

Then passes you by


Senses overcome

Thoughts interrupted

Bracing your mind

For emotions erupted


Not a wind chaser

Never will I be

So easy to get caught

In familiarity


A sense of belonging

The moment it arrives

Until I recall

It only passes by


With no hold

No ground

No structure

Just sound


A song that’s tickled my ear

Played with my hair

Danced through my mind

Not found everywhere


Sometimes it yields

Unpredictable gusts

They tear through my core

Stability busts


Broken branches and leaves

Scattered about

Damages done

Til the gusts settle out


Silence ensues

Absence with tension

Stillness in pain

Heart in suspension


No concern

No care

Just empty

Just air


I pull out the shrapnel

It falls on the ground

Attempt to ignore

How heavy its sound


Under the pain

Lie thoughts of the breeze

How kind it once was

As it danced with the leaves


When it carried the birds

And spread their sweet songs

Held them up high

Didn’t last very long


The breeze and the gust

Are one and the same

A selfish, one-way wind

That deflects any blame


It sings into my ear

The song of fear and hurt

It never hears itself

That’s not how this wind works


I’ve heard it before

And I must walk away

For I know in my heart

I don’t want it to stay.