It's About the Experience.

Inspiring faculty. A one-of-a-kind campus. Lessons that last. 

At Paul Smith's, we set the standard in experiential learning - the idea that doing is an important part of learning. It's a concept at the core of everything we do, and at the heart of our students' success. 

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Experience is often the best teacher. At Paul Smith's, you'll be doing while you're learning.

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Paul Smith's College to appear on national television

Someone walks up to you on the street and offers you a two-day $50,000 vacation to the Adirondacks. There’s just one catch: You have 10 minutes to pack, and you have to leave right now. What do you do? How would you spend the money? 

Once you’ve made the spontaneous decision to go for it, you sign up for the Adirondack Woodsmen’s School at Paul Smith's College, of course. 

That’s how it all went down for two friends from the Midwest this past summer, and you can see it unfold on the upcoming episode of 50/50 on the Travel Channel next week.  Read more »

While the rest of the human world sleeps, a Paul Smith’s College freshman and his research partner sit in silence on the muddy bank of a small pond, headlamps illuminating the notebooks on their laps.

Based on their experiences outside of the classroom, nine out of 10 Paul Smith's grads get work in their chosen field or go to grad school within six months of graduation.

In the Adirondacks, sustainability is a way of life – and it's incorporated into the fabric of Paul Smith’s College. Whether our curriculum, our organic maple syrup, our campus garden, or our surroundings, we take going green seriously.

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