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Finish your college education at Paul Smith’s College.

Experience, Applied

Our hands-on approach combines practical skills with real-world application.

Graduate Education

Add value to your undergrad degree with the new master’s program from PSC.

Explore our 20+ degree programs to find your path to a meaningful education and career.

  • Become a skilled expert in land, plants, and timber
  • Follow your passion for the great outdoors
  • Become a kitchen expert
  • Delve deep into the science of life on earth
  • Develop your leadership qualities and business acumen
  • Choose your own adventure

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Joan Weill Adirondack Library

Looking for research resources, class-specific assistance and personalized academic support? Hit the library!

  • Take advantage of our extensive research collections
  • Obtain tutorials and academic support
  • Borrow technology such as laptops, go-pros, cameras and more
  • Find a quiet spot to focus on your work

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