About GCRC

Since 1946, Paul Smith’s College has developed innovative strategies to promote economic, social, and environmental resilience on campus and throughout the Adirondacks. In fact, rural resilience strategies are integrated into our curriculum, our academic support, our partnerships, and our activities; it is at the core of what we do.

In 2017, PSC formed the Global Center for Rural Communities (GCRC) to facilitate and model resilience solutions to international communities. Our faculty and students work closely with organizations such as the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism, the Adirondack North Country Association, the Department of Environmental Conservation, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization to promote sustainable rural economic development while preserving environmental integrity.

The delicate balance between environmental conservation and sustainable economic development in rural areas, which permits the eradication of poverty, job creation for rural citizens, retention of skilled workers, protection from disasters, infrastructure building, and access to health and technology of residents, is a continual struggle on an international level.


Our Commitment

Outstanding faculty, particularly in the environmental/science, forestry, water management, tourism, and culinary. Most recently this capability was enhanced by hiring two former Wildlife Conservation Society professionals.

Our Network

An established network of partners in the region including environmental, economic development, government, and non-profit groups.

International Impact

Strong international academic, government, and/or foundation connections in areas such as Italy, Russia, South Africa, Nepal, China, Japan, and the Dominican Republic.

Building Connections

Existing and emerging connections with US academic partners with similar interests and complementary assets.

Our Vision

To be an international leader and model resource center for place-based rural resilience studies, helping to guide policy, develop and demonstrate actionable models, deliver education, shape dynamic local-to-global networks of scholars, artists, and practitioners, and build strategic connectivity among partners.

Our Mission

We convene and propagate global partnerships to examine the challenges that rural communities face and to advance the practices that enable these communities to thrive.

We implement meaningful projects to help solve complex social, economic and environmental issues in rural areas, thereby contributing to the health, longevity, education and social integrity of rural populations.

We facilitate the realization of new narratives of rural resilience in our local community and around the world.