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Center for Sustainability Mission Statement 

The Center for Sustainability empowers a sustainable campus community through infrastructure planning, community and campus partnerships, experiential education, and service learning. We work to build a more resilient campus and community by protecting natural ecosystems, creating economic prosperity and promoting social equity.

Paul Smith’s College Mission

To develop career-ready graduates through hands-on, personalized education.
To educate, research and advocate on issues that improve our planet and the lives of the people that inhabit it. To help the Adirondack region be ecologically and economically sustainable.

Center For Sustainability: Staff and Casella Climate Resiliency Fellows

Sustainability Coordinator/Faculty: Katharine Glenn, MS



I am often asked what a Sustainability Coordinator does, the primary focus of my position is to help make our campus and community more resilient, by mitigating and adapting to the affects of climate change. I focus mostly on reducing the college’s greenhouse gas emissions levels, I champion and oversee renewable energy and energy efficiency projects on campus. I also coordinate our STARS (Sustainable Tracking and Rating System) strategic plan and reporting. This includes various initiatives regarding sustainable dining, waste minimization, and other initiatives related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I’ve been teaching for about 7 years. I teach about four classes a year, primarily upper division classes in our Sustainability BS program. check out my faculty page to learn more about myself the classes I teach. I also direct the Center for Sustainability, this semester we have a staff of about 4 student employees and Sustainability Fellows working on various campus initiatives and programs.

Looking to get involved? Have an idea? Have questions? Reach out, I’d love to hear from you. Stop by the Center for Sustainability (Student Center 101) or e-mail me at Check us out on social media @pscsustainability (Instagram) Paul Smith’s College Center for Sustainability (Facebook).



Smitty Sustainability Student Committee 

The Smitty Sustainability Committee is open to all PSC students! 

Meetings are every Wednesday at 12:20 in the Pine Room of the Student Center. Join us today!

The Sustainability Grant was created by students, for students. To ensure that the student body has maximum control over the development and approval of proposals, the Smitty Sustainability Committee was created as a Student Organization. The committee is charged with the following tasks:

1. Assisting the campus community in generating and developing Sustainability Grant proposals.
2. Reviewing all submitted grant proposals and ensuring that proposals meet all grant criteria.
3. Coordinating a campus wide poster session of all fund proposals which meet said grant criteria.
4. Assisting in the coordination of a campus wide student vote.

The committee also hosts co-curricular events and programs!