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Introducing Our Staff

Katharine Glenn

Katharine Glenn

Faculty, Sustainability Coordinator 

Pickett 109


Faculty Profile Page 


Hannah Rion

Hannah Rion

Sustainability Grant and Office Assistant or

Major: Sustainable Communities and Working Landscapes

Minor: Entrepreneurial Business

Position Description: 

  • Maintain documentation for Sustainability Grant projects and assist in the disbursement of funds
  • Coordinate sustainability education and outreach programs with various departments on campus
  • Assist in marketing the mission related to Sustainability on campus, this includes outreach programs, assisting in generating social media material, and updating the Sustainability webpage



The Latest

Getting proactive about fighting climate change  Symposium looks at national, community and individual levels

Getting proactive about fighting climate change Symposium looks at national, community and individual levels

Paul Smith’s College professor Joe Henderson, Ph.D., presented on the social dynamics of climate change, and the Green New Deal.“Younger Americans are more worried than older Americans, which makes sense, given that they are the ones that are going to suffer the most from this,” Henderson said.There is good news: the American people are very slowly moving toward acceptance, according to the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.“Gradually, people are accepting it in the United States,” Henderson said. “Doubt around the science has been diminished.”Henderson said Millennials are most likely to identify climate change as a problem — even Millennial Republicans.“There’s a generational thing,” Henderson said. “We are the only advanced country in the world that has one political party that denies the science of climate change.”

Paul Smith’s College Donates Food Scraps to Local Farm !

Paul Smith’s College Donates Food Scraps to Local Farm !

The food waste serves a variety of purposes on the farm, such as feeding chickens directly, feeding mealworms and black soldier flies which eventually feed the chickens, while the rest is “…composted to create organic matter for our greenhouses, hopyard, fruit trees/bushes, and vegetable fields.” In the short time of a month, the dining hall has collected 218.2 pounds of pre-consumer food waste thanks to the help of Sodexo employees. Meanwhile, the Culinary Department has gathered 251.2 pounds with the help of students and instructors. Evidently, this diversion of food waste is serving an extremely more purposeful objective than it would sitting in a landfill spewing off methane gas Furthermore, this practice allows for a decrease in the heavy food waste facilities has to dispose of, and can be reflected on the college’s Greenhouse Gas Report, which tracks the production of methane.


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