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TRiO Day 2015TRiO – Student Support Services is a federally funded program created in 1968 to help students stay in college and graduate. Students can turn to TRiO-SSS for services including tutoring, counseling and peer mentoring as they reach their educational and career goals.

Since its inception at Paul Smith’s, TRiO – Student Support Services has contributed to a significant increase in student persistence and graduation rates at the college.

The TRiO-SSS at Paul Smith’s College is completely funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Our most recent five-year grant, for $1.2 million, serves 165 students a year.


  • Academic, financial, personal, and career counseling
  • Financial Literacy, money management, scholarships, and student loan repayment assistance
  • Individualized Educational Success Plan and monitoring of academic progress
  • Study skills, time management, computer literacy, and other strategies for academic success
  • Personality and character strengths assessments
  • Professional assistance with writing, research, and math
  • Peer mentoring program
  • Cultural enrichment trips and events
  • Leadership and service learning opportunities
  • Transfer advising, including graduate school preparation
  • Study abroad opportunities, information, support, and scholarships

All TRiO services are provided at no cost to participants.

Application & Eligibility

Who is eligible?
A student who meets all of the following criteria:

  • Is a citizen or national of the United States or meets the residency requirements for federal student financial assistance
  • Is enrolled or accepted for enrollment at Paul Smith’s College
  • Is a first-generation* college student, or an individual with a disability**, or qualifies for financial reasons***

How do I apply?
In addition to the admission requirements for Paul Smith’s College, applicants for TRiO – Student Support Services must complete and submit:

*Student’s parents have associate’s (2-year) degrees or less. 

**If a disability exists, the student must provide documentation which meets Paul Smith’s College guidelines for documenting a disability.

***If a student receives a Pell Grant, it is highly likely student is eligible.

TRiO Grant Aid Application Link and Information
  • We award grant aid towards the end of each semester as funds are available. Review the Check List below and complete the Grant Aid Application. If you are selected to receive grant aid, you will receive an email at the end of the semester. 
  • Grant aid will be applied to the following semester (i.e., if grant aid is awarded in Fall 2022, it will be applied Spring 2023).
  • GRANT AID APPLICATION LINK – If you submit before February
TRiO Events & Cultural Enrichment Trips

Fall 2022 events: 


Amanda Laah Vincent


Lydia A. Wright

Administrative Support Coordinator

Monica G. Buriello

Success Coach

Paula S. McClure

Success Coach

Ana Candelli

TRiO Student Ambassador


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