Our graduates go places – and we have the data to prove it!

98% of our recent graduates who respond to the Alumni Survey report that they have secured employment within their field or go on to pursue further education within six months of graduation. The Center for Academic & Career Success surveys each graduating class to obtain first-destination statistics regarding job attainment or further education. Responses provide valuable feedback and are used internally to help analyze current programs and guide future institutional planning.

Click on the link below to view PSC Alumni Surveys for a given year:

2017 Graduates Survey

Class of 2017 please complete our survey!


Of 2016 survey respondents were employed or furthering education

“PSC instructors give you all the tools you need. It’s up to you to take it in, process it and apply the knowledge in your field to be successful”

“Take advantage of and volunteer for educational opportunities and research field projects. It will open doors of opportunities unknown”

“We were challenged to make real life decisions, learned how to manage our time and how to communicate with team members to solve problems. PSC kept us headed in the right direction, the rest was up to us.”

Paul Smith's 2016 alumnus