How do I set up and use the Canvas Gradebook?

Get started with the gradebook

Watch this video to familiarize yourself with some gradebook basics:

Use this tutorial to review all of the significant features and tools available in the gradebook. The tutorial includes links to a number of related tutorials about more specific aspects of the gradebook, so be sure to investigate those links according to your specific needs:

Sort the gradebook

Visit any of the following tutorials to explore the various options for viewing and sorting the gradebook:

Create additional columns

Whenever you create a graded assignment, it appears automatically in the gradebook, but it is also possible to create columns manually in order to award points for participation or other non-submission work. Follow the steps in this tutorial to create an additional column in your gradebook:

Set a default grade for an assignment

If you want to set a default grade for a given column in the gradebook, follow the steps in this tutorial:

Weight or curve grades

If you would like to weight or curve the grades in your course, use either of the following tutorials for guidance:

Enter grades and feedback in the gradebook (manually)

Follow the steps in each of the following tutorials if you would like to learn how to manually enter and edit scores in the gradebook or comment on student work from the gradebook: