The Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

Our Commitment

Paul Smith’s College is making strides towards implementing ways to create and support a diverse and inclusive community on campus.

Why is Diversity Important to Our Students

  • Diversity expands our experience
  • Diversity enhances social development
  • Diversity prepares students for future career success
  • Diversity prepares students for work in a global society
  • Interactions with people different than ourselves increases our knowledge base
  • Diversity promotes creative thinking
  • Diversity enhances self-awareness
  • Diversity enriches the multiple perspectives developed with academia

2020 Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Award

The Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award seeks to recognize a student AND a faculty/staff member who display leadership in fostering diversity and inclusion both on campus and within the surrounding community.

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The Global Diversity and Inclusion Council

Diversity and Inclusion Amid the Pandemic

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