Advancement Team

Steven Frederick

Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

(518) 327-6317

What do you love about PSC?

Besides the striking beauty of the campus along the shores of Lower St. Regis Lake, it is the people who make this campus so special! Our students come from all walks of life and our faculty and staff are passionate about teaching and learning. I have met many PSC alums and found them all to be warm and friendly, as they welcomed me into the Smitty Family. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I must confess I am a farm tractor, heavy equipment, and military history fanatic. Growing up on a dairy farm and working construction all through college created my lifelong love for big machines and the smell of grease and oil. I live in the middle of 60 acres of woods, so I spend a lot of time cutting firewood and managing the wood lot (yes, I own and run Stihl chainsaws). I live in Plattsburgh and commute two hours every day. Those ten hours of windshield time per week is spent listening to all the military history books I can get my hands on.   

Background information that you want to share?

As a first-generation college student, I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from SUNY Plattsburgh and have worked in higher education for 28+ years. Many years were spent working in admissions, residence life, and career services before entering the wonderful world of advancement. Prior to coming to PSC in January 2020, I was the VP for Advancement at Clinton Community College for eighteen years. I am currently a Trustee at the WH Miner Agricultural Research Institute and serve on the North Country Workforce Development Board of Directors as vice president.

Carol Murtagh

Assistant to the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
(518) 327-6257

After graduating high school and completing my associate’s degree at North Country Community College in Malone, N.Y.,  I spent several years in Plattsburgh working and completing my bachelor’s degree in Business. I then bounced back and forth between Ocean City, Maryland, and Waitsfield, Vermont for a number of years – loving every minute of working at the beach and in the mountains.  I spent the next couple of years in New Jersey before moving back to the Malone area. I very happily have settled down in the Adirondacks where I enjoy kayaking, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing and walking the trails in my backyard.

Mary McLean
Research & Systems Manager
(518) 327-6343
Heather Tuttle '99

Alumni Relations Manager
(518) 327-6253

What you love about PSC?

What do I love about PSC?  Everything!  The people here have become my family and the beautiful surroundings: having grown up in a city, the small town life style in the Adirondacks is perfect for me.

What you like to do in your freetime?

In my free time I enjoy being in the garden (harvested my first crop of potatoes this year), having a meal with family and friends and, of course, dancing with my lawn chair…if you know what I mean!

Background information that you want to share?

I moved to the ADKs in my teens, finished high school in Saranac Lake and never left the area.  I attended PSC as a non-traditional student majoring in Hotel & Restaurant Management and have worked for the college since 2003.  I love my job!  And I’m not just saying that.  I have by far the best job on campus.



Christine Wais

Director of Donor Advising
(518) 327-6139

Andrea Wilcox


Annual Giving & Stewardship Manager
(518) 327-6079

What do you love about PSC?

I love what Paul Smith’s College stands for. It’s not only a beautiful campus, but it’s also made up of some amazing people who work together to help students transform their lives, which in turn helps the world to be a better place.

What do you like to do in your freetime?

I like to spend time with my family, whether it’s taking a hike, going for a walk, taking a boat ride, biking, kayaking, traveling, or just sitting by the campfire relaxing.

Background information that you want to share?

I grew up in Saranac Lake, started college at NCCC and transferred to The University at Albany where I completed my bachelor’s degree. I spent a summer in college working in Yellowstone National Park and absolutely loved it! The following year, I moved to Colorado with two Paul Smith’s College alumni. I met my husband there, who also grew up Saranac Lake. We spent lots of time hiking and camping in the Colorado Rockies, Wyoming, Montana and the Canadian Rockies. In 2007, we returned to the Adirondacks and I began working at Paul Smith’s College. It’s funny how life can bring you full circle.