Convert course materials to alternative formats

Learning: Have it your way!

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to learning. People are different and the ways they like to learn are different. Now, Paul Smith’s students can use SensusAccess, an online service, to convert course materials into a variety of formats to suit their learning preferences.

SensusAccess converts PDFs, JPGs, and other files into alternative formats such as Word documents, e-books, audio, and more.

  • It’s free. Anyone with a Paul Smith’s College email account can use it.
  • It’s useful. Listen to your homework while taking a walk, sitting in the car, doing your laundry. Turn those scanned book pages into something you can search and make notes in.
  • It’s private. You submit the file you want to convert and it comes to your email.
  • It’s convenient. It’s available 24 hours a day and takes only a few minutes.

Conversion Matrix

Conversion chart of media formats in SensusAccess

Use SensusAccess

Upload a file and convert it below. To convert a Canvas course file, click the SensusAccess LTI link in the Canvas course navigation menu.


Members of the PSC community may use this service free of charge for personal use only. You will need to use your PSC credentials to access the service through Canvas or provide a PSC email address through the SensusAccess webpage.

Please note that use of this service is not intended to replace accommodations provided by Accommodative Services. Converting and/or distributing copyrighted work beyond fair use in the classroom may be in violation of applicable copyright laws. The person using this service is liable for any infringement.


SensusAccess Videos

Converting documents into DAISY with SensusAccess

Converting documents into MP3 audio files

Converting inaccessible PDF files into more accessible formats using SensusAccess

Provide Feedback

We want to hear from you about this service. If you’re finding SensusAccess useful or having problems using it, please contact us at