Adirondack Rural Skills & Homesteading Festival


The Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival celebrates the talents of a bygone era with a distinctly Adirondack flair.

The festivities take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, followed by related workshops on Sunday.

SATURDAY 10am to 4pm:
Alpacas – Apple Pressing – Bat Boxes  – Cream to Butter – Cure Porch on Wheels – Dairy Goats – Does Your Life Fit In a Tiny House? – Draft Horse Club – Farrier – Fly Tying – Forest Bathing – Hemp Products – Hex and Hop – Home Food Preservation – Jersey Cows – Knitting – LogOX Wood Processing Tools – Making Brine Pickles – Making Traditional Ointment – Master Gardener –  Meat: Goats and Samples – Mushroom Walk – Osgood Farm Tour & Camp Fire – Pressure Canner Gauge Testing – PSC Beekeeping Club – Recycle Paper Demo – Sheep – Shelter Building – Soapmaking Over Fire – Spinning Demonstrations – Learn About Survival Pucks – Water Purification – Wild Edible Walks & Display – Winemaking – Woodsmen’s Team Expositions

$5/person or $10/carload. Free with valid Paul Smith’s College ID.

SUNDAY Hands-On Workshops:
Please contact the VIC at 518-327-6241 or for registration.

Programs to be announced in 2020.

Overnight lodging at Paul Smith’s College is available. To inquire, please contact Sarah Wheeler at PSC.

Stay in touch to receive updated info and event details.


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