Adirondack Rural Skills & Homesteading Festival


The Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival celebrates the talents of a bygone era with a distinctly Adirondack flair.

The festivities take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, followed by a series of related workshops and treks on Sunday.

SATURDAY 10am to 4pm:
Alpacas – Apple pressing – Beekeeping – Blacksmithing – Cordwood Construction – Does Your Life Fit In a Tiny House? – History of ADK Food – Home Canning & Food Preservation – Knitting – Meditation – Mill Your Own Rustic Tabletop, Bartop or Bench- Mushroom Walk – Mycology Exhibit & Lecture – Native American Medicine – Primitive Longbow Building – Primitive Skills Workshop – PSC Draft Horse Club – PSC Woodsmen’s Team Expo – Sheep Shearing – Soapmaking Over Fire – Soil Sampling Demonstration – Making Milkshakes with Solar Energy – Spinning Demonstrations – Tree Felling – Wild Edible Exhibit and Guided Walks – Winemaking

SUNDAY 9am – 11am:
Hands-On Workshops – More Info to be posted in Summer 2019

Overnight lodging at Paul Smith’s College is available. To inquire, please contact Josh Clemens at PSC.

Saturday:  $5/person or $10/carload. Free with valid Paul Smith’s College ID.
Sunday:  $35/person/class. Registration opens 9/15.

The 2019 festival is taking shape!

Stay in touch to receive updated info and event details.


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